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    Between running both my holistic practice and my soap company my hours are very long everyday so I wanted a scent that was a nice relaxing blend of soft musky Lavender to wash away the day and ease me into sleep..Ahhhh!!!
   This soap also contains amazing Cambrian Blue Clay from Siberia that is high in Zinc, Iron, Algae and is topped with Chamomile florets.

Key Ingredients

Blue Cambrian Clay: skin nourishing, its a natural anti-inflammatory. Contains phosphate, iron, magnesium, and zinc, that help to regenerate the skin.

Kokum Butter: from the seed of the Kokum Tree, moisturizing, skin soothing, rich in fatty acids

Olive Oil: hydrating, skin soothing, contains Oleocanthral that helps to stop the enzymes that cause inflammation.

Coconut Oil: helps retain skin's moisture, skin healing.

Sustainable Palm Oil: moisturizing, also contains anti-aging tocopherols and toctrienols. Fair Trade and sustainable.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil: very high and fatty acids and antioxidants, also Vitamins C and E

Castor Oil: anti-inflammatory, anti microbial, moisturizing, cleansing

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